Collectie: Rock Your World

Rock Your World makes self-care your new best friend by bringing together sustainable wellness tools and valuable knowledge all in one place, making your journey to feeling good a breeze. RYW is all about connection, nature, and wellbeing.

Rock Your World

The story of Rock Your World is as inspiring as their mission. Hanneke, during her Ayurvedic therapy studies, discovered the power of various self-care methods and tools that ignited her mental and physical strength. With a passion to make Ayurvedic wisdom accessible to all, Hanneke and her partner, Clint, craft wellness tools like sprays, journals, and workshops under the Rock Your World banner. Their goal? To create more 'feel good' moments in life.

Every Rock Your World creation is a piece of natural wisdom in your bustling world, rooted in the rhythm and laws of nature inspired by Ayurveda. From The Journal explaining Ayurveda and daily routines to the ethereal oil blends and The Love Deck, each one is designed to help you connect with your true self.

What's more, Rock Your World prides itself on being local, honest, and sustainable. Their sprays, journals, and other tools are made as locally as possible, supporting small-scale projects and local entrepreneurs who share their ethical values.

The heart of their sprays lies in blends of 100% natural, vegan, and pure essential oils. These botanical wonders, derived from herbs, plants, and flowers, work subtly yet powerfully to enhance your sense of wellbeing. A scent can transport you into the present, help you breathe better, slow your heart rate, and bring tranquility. That's the power of nature, and that's Rock Your World!