Collectie: by Vivi.

In 2021, German brand by Vivi. embarked on a heartwarming journey, realizing a cherished dream that has since blossomed into an extraordinary adventure. It's a journey marked by gratitude, where Vivi, accompanied by an incredible team, is committed to spreading happiness through their products.

by Vivi.

The 'by Vivi.' collection is bursting with creativity this year, offering a wide array of beautiful products for your home and soul. Every item is crafted with love in their Munich studio, making them truly one-of-a-kind.

One of the guiding principles of 'by Vivi.' is their dedication to women's independence and empowerment. Their all-women team in Munich handles everything from creative production to financial expertise and warehouse operations. Even their beautiful bracelet cards and jewelry are crafted by single mothers from Munich, uniting everyone in a common purpose.

Taking a conscious step towards environmental responsibility, 'by Vivi.' carefully selects materials for their candles. They use high-quality vegan paraffin wax from Bavaria and organic rapeseed wax from the Netherlands, ensuring a clean burn. Their environmentally-friendly packaging choices, minimal or reusable, reflect their commitment to sustainability.

'by Vivi.' is proud to be a part of the Green Dot initiative, exemplifying their dedication to a greener, more beautiful world. So, dive into their exquisite collection and let 'by Vivi.' bring a touch of happiness to your life!